Rusty Eveland

Here's How We Roll!

Wobblewheel is a stop motion and 2d animation studio. Below you'll find clips, loops, shorts, and coming soons. You'll also see 2d client work that helps keep the lights on and wheels rolling. If you're just passing through, enjoy! If you're a business or professional and think we could help you, don't hesitate to reach out to

Teaser for the upcoming short "beat". Two stray carts meet up for a beatbox battle.

"You're It!" was the inaugural study of two carts playing tag that literally brought this concept to life. It was also an opportunity to play with the idea of a loop, which is a clip that ends where it began.

You're It!

Underage shopping carts try to sneak into a club.

"Bouncer" was created for the ProjectTwenty1 Film Festival. The theme for 2019 was "Passage". This won Wobblewheel its first award for Best Animation and was the first official short from the studio.


An abandoned shopping cart looks for purpose while others struggle in the outside world.

"Everything Must Go!" was the first short film featuring shopping carts as characters. The short was experimental in concept and execution, so story took a back seat.

Membership promo for Da Vinci Art Alliance in South Philly. Visit for more information about this great little art gallery and group of artists.

Promo for the 2020 Da Vinci Derby