Rusty Eveland

"Why Shopping Carts?"

Wobblewheel is a small, award-winning studio that has introduced a new type of animated character to the world. The concentration at Wobblewheel is on stray shopping carts as characters and how they exist and interact with each other in a world without humans. One of the most fascinating aspects of animation is giving life to inanimate objects. Carts are rigid, so having them act and convey emotions is an exciting challenge. Shooting on location in and around Philly creates a desolate, surreal, but somehow familiar world where only carts exist. While sound effects and sometimes human-like noises are used, there’s no dialogue. All characters at Wobblewheel identify as agender, so they are able to flirt, play, love, fight, chase, explore, and communicate without any assumptions. Stray carts are symbols of overconsumption, negligence, and often homelessness, so the idea is to take those negative associations and flip it into something light and positive. While the concept carries deep socio-political undertones, it's an escapist idea, meant to be a break from reality, and suggest a way to look at the world a little differently.

Rusty (that's me) has a BFA in Animation from The University of the Arts. I'm a working artist and independent animator out of Philly. While I don't work with a steady team, I do have the honor of bringing in gifted people from all backgrounds for each individual project. Read on to find out a little about who they are and how they've helped out.

In her own words, "I enjoy creating content that utilizes animation to explore real world environments, aesthetics, and characters". This couldn't be more true. It's also true about the hand sanitizer. Haley's independent spirit and work ethic proved invaluable in the production of both "Bouncer" and "beat" ...and hopefully more. is the world's largest beatbox platform. They kindly allowed access to archived beatbox battles for the audio tracks on "beat". Audio was edited and rearranged from artists Markooz and SIDFX.

James is a working-class dad in Newark, DE and is sort of a quiet creative powerhouse. His talent for music would rival any classically trained musician. His talent for singing would not. James helped out with camera on the installation loop "You're It!" and is an excellent idea man as concepts begin to evolve.

Dylan is a long-time good friend, critic, and unconditional supporter. He is often the voice of reason when my ambition gets carried away and always offers an intelligent, objective critique. Dylan has been a restaurant manager in Austin, Las Vegas, Disney Springs, and is currently back east in Washington, D.C.

Dom was a best friend that may not have always understood what I was doing, but would drop everything to help out. He was also very reliable for some potential misdemeanors. Dom helped me shoot my first short "Everything Must Go!". Although he's no longer here to see what became of it, I know that he'd approve.

Basket is a mini cart and a major pain in the ass that cares not about anything, and doesn't listen to anyone. It keeps changing its description to "co-creator", too. This is absolutely not true.

If you’re interested in more info about opportunities to help out with a shoot, contribute to story or character ideas, or would like to collab in any way, send an email to: